The CoLab: a collaborative space where students and alumni from all disciplines can interact and work together in a productive environment. 
This capstone project was inspired by the need for a new face for the Eastern Washington University's Design Department following the acquisition of a new building. While the design department was the primary tenant of the CoLab building, the space was seen as an opportunity to be a satellite campus where anyone could come to work on projects and have access to new technologies and up-to-date resources. 
My process in designing the brand was simple. 
Step 1: Brainstorm ideas
Step 2: Elaborate on the best idea
Step 3: Eefine and explore possibilities
In designing this logo and brand, I wanted to incorporate the history of the area and the Kalispel Native American Tribe, which was an integral part of the land. For this, I decided to use iconography: the three primary icons are the sun, the Spokane River, and tree rings. The building sits on the banks of the river and overlooks a bit of wooded land. It is also partially powered by solar panels on the roof. 
My original idea was to create a design that could be fluid and dynamic, representing the creativity and innovation that the space might offer. The icons could be moved and switched out, arrayed in myriad ways to convey new messages and ideas. 
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