The Bestiary is ... a lot of things. It began as a way for me to learn how to draw animals, but it evolved into drawing fantasy creatures, mythological beasts, and other things that have never before existed. Today, it is an on-going project about building an entire world, complete with constructed languages, maps, illustrations, and an in-depth history. 
As a reader, I have always loved those extra thick fantasy books that dive deep into their worlds and show the audience something unique. With the Bestiary, I am building something that will give a big new world to the little critters that run around in my sketchbook, and creating a unique and fun experience for my audience to interact with and explore. 
I grew up playing card games with my family and my friends and I have been a collector of cool playing cards for a while. The decision to make the Bestiary into a deck of cards was a simple one! 
In 2020, I entered the very first version of this deck into the American Institute of Graphic Arts - Spokane 'American Advertising Awards' contest and won second place.
Along with being an illustrator I dabble in creative writing. I have written many a story in this world of mine and even invented languages (albeit basic ones) for the peoples and societies therein. Part of my world-building involves natural history accounts of the various creatures one might see, should one find oneself magically transported to this world. 
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